Deck Cleaning service

PS Powerwashing has everything to help you create a high quality decking area in your garden.

Deck cleaning service is a beautiful and practical way to modernize your outdoor space and PS Powerwashing gives you many options to choose from. Our combined decking is ready to install without the need for any stains or sealants, and comes in a variety of colors and finishes.

Or try the traditional wooden decor for a timeless aesthetic. You can paint or paint your wood decking to match the landscape of your garden. Wick’s wood terraces are made of slow-growing and down-dried wood, so you can enjoy the results longer.

Discover our wide range of high quality garden decking. Our products are the first choice of customers you can find in the market. Landscapes and our customers rate our decking as the best combined decking solution to look for. Our terrace range is the perfect floor for your garden. All of our composite decking boards are made with high quality materials, making them the perfect alternative to wood decking.

Deck Cleaning Service